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Bankruptcy Filings in Las Vegas are Down in April 2022

Admittedly, I anticipated that bankruptcy filings in April 2022 would increase. I thought such increase would be a result of inflation, increase in gas prices, high rent and a jump in food costs. However, Las Vegas Nevada Bankruptcy Filings for April 2022 have decreased compared to March 2022. In April, total filings in Las Vegas were 386 compared to March 2022 of 456. In particular, 329 Chapter 7 cases were filed in April 2022 compared to 378 Chapter 7 filings in March 2021.

Whether bankruptcy filings will increase in May 2022 is unknown. However, I still anticipate a gradual increase in bankruptcy filings for 2022. Whether you choose to file bankruptcy at this time or wait, it is extremely important that you prepare yourself before you file bankruptcy so that all of your assets are fully protected. Make sure you speak with a competent bankruptcy attorney before you file bankruptcy. When you file bankruptcy, you want to make sure that you can "relax" and truly get your fresh start.

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